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At the end of this course you'll be able to identify and discuss the main nutritional components of cheese, recommend cheeses that are fit for purpose for both cooking and plating and identify key factors in presenting cheese for consumption, buying good cheese and keeping it.


This course is studied via distance learning, so you set the pace.  We estimate this to be about 20 hours work.  
  • Nutritional composition of cheese
  • Cheese types and uses
  • The science of cheese
  • The art of serving, buying and storing cheese


You will be expected to complete a written assessment once you have completed your study of the course material.  The assessment includes the following;
  • Describe dietary intolerances associated with dairy
  • Compare and contrast the nutritional composition of various cheeses
  • Selecting cheeses that are 'fit for purpose'
  • Short essay on 'Eating Cheese'
The assessment is to be completed then sent back to The New Zealand Cheese School for marking.



Upon completion of your enrolment you will be send the course notes and assessments via email.  
You will be advised of your result within two weeks of receipt of your completed assessment. 

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