Cellaring Cheese

Cellaring Cheese

Module 5, New Zealand CheeseMaster

Discover the world of the cheese maturing room, cellar or cave.

  • How to look after cheese and present it at its best
  • What happens inside a cheese during maturing
  • What affects the way a cheese matures
  • Humidity, temperature control and monitoring
  • Racking and stacking; the best materials to use
  • Cleaning, hygiene and pest control
  • Rind options

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About this course

You will complete a written assessment at the end of this course. The assessment simply confirms your understanding and ability to apply the sensory evaluation principals and techniques you have been taught.
The assessment is to be completed then sent back to The New Zealand Cheese School for marking.


  • Full set of course notes
  • Expert support and advice from Neil Willman, Principal & Director, New Zealand Cheese School
  • Assessment of all assignments

Further Information

Upon completion of your enrolment you will be sent the course notes and assessments via email.
You will be advised of your result within two weeks of receipt of your completed assessment.

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