Yoghurt Maker + Recipes + Culture


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This easy-to-use electric yoghurt maker will allow you to make tasty yoghurt at home; it comes with basic recipes and enough culture to make 10 batches. As the unit maintains temperature automatically there is no need for boiling or hot water.  The unit comes with a 1-year warranty.  

  • Electric Yoghurt Maker (Maintains temperature automatically).
  • Improves consistency of yoghurt making.
  • No need for boiling or hot water.
  • Recipes and Instructions included.
  • Yoghurt starter for 10 batches included. (Extra starter available for purchase separately).
  • Makes 0.9-1.0L of yoghurt.

Please note:

  • The yoghurt maker will heat to the required temperature and will remain at that temperature until you turn it off. There is no temperature controller or timer.
  • Product may differ in design and colour to that pictured.